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Somewhere over the Gulf of Mexico. That is where I am. As I began to dream up the idea for this site, I knew it had to be different. This must be a revolutionary site that focuses directly on helping the vast number of small, and family run construction businesses. I have fought with myself for weeks over how to begin this site. What articles to write, how will people respond, and the enormous amount of other fine details that drive entrepreneurs crazy. But that day over the Gulf of Mexico, it hit me. Start this site with the vision. A vision born from the pure enjoyment I receive from watching people succeed.

Growing up in a family run construction business was something most people can not understand. When the boardroom is your kitchen table, the children cannot help but overhear. There I was, taking in every contract negotiation, investment meeting, advertising, and production meeting. As a small family run construction company, all of the meetings were handled by my father. A wonderful craftsman navigating the immense sea of red tape, and daily operations of making a business work. Every day was filled with labor, every night filled with estimates, phone calls, and whatever other fire needed put out. For all small family run construction businesses, this was life.

The Construction Business Was Life.

The entrepreneurial spirit ran wild in our family. Our Christmas dinners looked more like a home builders association gala. We had masonry contractors, framing contractors, electrical contractors, and real estate millionaires, and this was just my uncles. My father had his own business, and if we extended the list to cousins, it would astound the world the amount of construction business success that was born in one family. It was in my blood, I had a full network of successful small construction business owners that would give anything to help me, and all in my family.

Over the years I have watched small companies come and go. Always available to answer questions or give free advice to those who sought it. I was brought up to enjoy in everyone’s success. This mindset is what the vision is for this site. We are going to offer free advice to anyone who seeks it.

What will make this site different in the small family construction business consulting world is simple. I want to create a forum for all business owners out there. As we continue to post new content, we want contributors. Articles that reflect perspective, and knowledge that takes years to learn on your own. I believe that by creating an open venue, where I am not simply preaching, but actively discussing, we can work together to create content that small and family run construction businesses need, and want.

Small businesses are reluctant to spend the thousands of dollars that high price consultants charge. Frankly, most of them do not have the budget. We are going to shatter that mold. Free information, suggestions, and real-life experiences on how to start, grow, or revolutionize a small construction company.

Let me be the first to welcome you. I hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. I want our discussions and information to make you feel like you are sitting there in one of our family dinners. Surrounded by people who have knowledge, passion, and your best interest at heart. 

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