The Surprising Link Between Boating & Your Construction Business

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What is the link between your construction business and boating?

Other than a lot of construction business owners own a boat, there is more to learn. In fact, this lesson can, and should be, taught to all employees within a construction company. It is a lesson so simple, yet profound.

In a marina, there are signs everywhere that say, “No Wake Zone.” What does this mean, and why does this apply to the construction industry? When a boat travels, the water behind the boat that waves up is called the wake. Marinas are no wake zones because the wake pounds the other boats, the docks, and the shoreline. This pounding water damages everything in its path. Employees can leave a wake as well.

So what kind of wake do construction employees leave? Two major wakes that on a construction jobsite are safety and cleanliness. If you have an employee, no matter how good you think they are, if they are unsafe, or cause unsafe conditions for co-workers, they need to go.  

Furthermore, there is nothing more frustrating than a jobsite that has trash and debris scattered all over it. Not only is this unprofessional, but unsafe as well. We have all had an employee that throws down empty water bottles, lunch time trash, and whatever else they are too lazy to walk to a trash can with. Have you ever seen an employee cutting boards and leaving all the scraps right in the way of the saw?

There are other ways that employee wake can be detrimental to your company. Not respecting and damaging tools and equipment is one of the most common wake destruction issues. Another, and often-overlooked wake is when the jobsite behavior or appearance of an employee is noticed by the general or owner. This directly reflects on you as the business owner and can affect future sales.

Many wakes are caused by pure laziness, but some are caused by lack of training and unrealistic expectations. A deadline that forces our employees to cut corners will result in an unfavorable wake. It is only a matter of time before this wake slams the shoreline of your company and damages it permanently.

We believe all employees, including owners, should be instructed on how to limit the wake they create. It may look out of place in a construction business, but hanging no wake zone signs around the shop and office is a good way to remind everyone that what they leave behind is just as important as the work they have got done.

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